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The first day I arrived at the Horseshoe Hammond I thought I was in registration heaven. We rolled into the casino at 1 AM the night before event 1 and were able to register at the poker room cage that night. The next day we were informed there would be no more registration at the cash cage and the tourney area registration would stay open until midnight. Not an optimal situation, but workable.

After the huge event one re entry event we were again told registration would be shortened until 10pm and only available at the tournament area. This is terrible, if you make a deep run and bust out late in the day you are punished by being forced to wake up early the following day to register. To make matters worse, we came in last night at 9:40 to register for the morning and they were trying to close up on us 20 minutes early! Pile that on with an understaffed registration desk and it’s official we are in registration hell.

The icing on the cake was the morning failure of the registration computers a little after the noon start today. They had to take an unscheduled break in the tourney after the second level to give them time to get the 150 some odd players waiting in line a chance to play. With all the great things I have heard about this stop and it’s giant fields it has certainly been a disappointment to see how poorly they have handled this aspect of the events.