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Played event #4 the PLO with rebuys yesterday and it left some bruises. For 350 they gave 2k in starting chips and another 100 dollars got us up to 4k total. I started off well winning small pots and built the first buyins up to 10k by the second level. And then the wheels came off… I tried to limp rr aaxx from middle position, but if these guys put in 5% of their stack they weren’t folding for 50%. It goes pot, call on a j97 board and I decided to save the other 5k. From there I proceed to lose 4 flips and open shove top two into middle set. The last pot before the addon I pick up 4567cc and take a flop 6 ways for 1300 with 1200 behind. The flop comes qq5 and it goes bet call, but I put in the rest so I can get a full rebuy, turn 3, river 2, saved 200 there as my straight is good. Put in 200 more for the addon so this 350 PLO tourney cost me a grand total of 1550. I win 1 of 5 pots I play after the break and my day is over quickly. I happy with the way I played today, the cards just weren’t falling my way. The next 350 starts in an hour so it’s time for me to hop in the shower.