Headed back to Dallas after a long couple weeks in Hammond. Aside from my gripes with the registration setup, it was a well run event with an excellent staff. The action in the events and the side games were definitely worth the trip. Unfortunately the results weren’t there this go round.

I delivered a spotty performance overall, I tended to play a couple levels well and then follow with a couple levels of mistakes. I think I can attribute some of the inconsistent play to our constant travel this year. In previous years we would go to 3 or 4 live events a year and spend the rest of the time at home grinding online. This gave me ample time to recharge and still continue to earn with shorter online cash sessions. When we went to a series I was well rested and ready for battle.

The new 12 ring events in 12 days isn’t helping either. With no time between ring events and other good side games to play there isn’t any time to relax on the road. Since black Friday there has also been an additional financial pressure to maximize earnings on the road.

With the new free roll format reducing grinder equity the points chase has lost value for me this year. My mtt game was never my strongest poker skill set, but I let myself get caught up in the WSOPC hype. It’s time to get off the hype and on the grind, less mtts more PLO for me in the stops to come.