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Admittedly we didn’t have to make the trip to Lake Tahoe as long as we did, but we stay on the grind. If that means taking a plane with two stops and a layover to get to Reno so be it. Add another 1:30hr layover waiting for the bus to the casino and an 1:30hr ride behind that and you have a long travel day. That long travel day saves us two buy ins. Ship it.

Early impressions of the Tahoe are good. When we arrived at the casino at 11:00pm on wednsday the only restaurant still open was an all night diner in Harrahs. Vegas this is not. The small town vibe is nice though, when you walk through the airport you see people dressed for the outdoors, a nice change from the usual degen/stripper parade of LAS. The bus ride wasn’t bad, they have a fleet of tour buses that shuttle passengers from the airport to the various casinos for a small fee. My only regret was taking this ride after dark, it looks like a beautiful strech of montains but we couldn’t see past the edge of the road.

The Harvey’s casino is older, but comfortable. Our first room had a view of an 18 ft wall that must be for a casino sign, but a short chat with our host and we were up on the 15th floor with a lake view at no extra charge. Degen status has it’s benefits.

The wsopc area is fairly small, somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 tablels. It’s set next to a restaurant with only one border shared with a slot area. Slot noise hasn’t been terrible so far, but I’m waiting for the weekend action to gauge high traffic levels. Second hand smoke is hit or miss as well. The tourney area is non smoking, but people on the rail and at the slots are allowed to and the other tourney border backs up to a vp strip bar. I definitely prefer the secluded conference room setups, but compared to the big Vegas casino floor tourney setups this is still a much more serene environment.

I’m making a run at event 1 this afternoon. There were 260 runners for day 1 and 14 of us return this afternoon at 3pm pst to play for the first Tahoe ring. My girlfriend La Sengphet has been invited to do commentary on the wsop live stream today, so if you have some time tune in and sweat along with her.