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I’m not a superstitious person by nature. I don’t like 50 dollar bills mainly because half the poker players I know won’t take them. I have no fear of walking under ladders,crossing black cats, etc. In this business too much faith in luck will get you broke in a hurry.

My girlfriend La has many superstitions, some personal, some cultural, some maybe just a lil silly. She is the yen to my yang. Her beliefs and gamble balance out my science and conservative nature.

When La told me 11.11.11 was going to be a lucky day I took it with a grain of salt like I always do. How could some arbitrary day really be more lucky than any other day?I can’t really explain the why, but I do have to say she was right.

I was having a pretty good day in event 1 of the wsopc Lake Tahoe before 11.11.11, but at 12:01 things just started going amazing. I felt like I was making good decisions and playing well, but I can recognize a pure heater when I see one. My good hands were getting action, my marginal hands were holding, I knocked out six or seven players in in the last couple levels only doubling a couple small stacks. I ended the day with 446k of 2.6m in play for a strong chip lead with 13 left.

After a good nights sleep and a pre winner dinner sushi breakfast with La the heater continued. I stacked a shorty early in day two and followed that up by stacking a 250k ish stack when we both turned aces up. I went into the final table with 750k from that pot and continued to cruise. There is a summary of the ft at wsop.com so I won’t repeat it here. Needless to say everything went fairly smoothly and I held the chip lead wire to wire taking down 1st place in event 1 on 11.11.11.

After a day like that, when La asked me if I wanted to go play roulette at 11:11pm how could I say no? We sat down a few minutes before the appointed time and played a few spins more or less breaking even. At 11:10 we loaded up on 11 and boom! 11 hits! All I could do was laugh. I’m still not very superstitious, but I have no better explanation for 11.11.11 than it was a very lucky day.