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Leaving Tahoe

I started writing this blog on the last day in Tahoe, but the long trip home wasn’t conductive to writing and my iPad got distracted by various video games and twitter feeds and ran out of juice. Then there was shopping and 4 thanksgiving dinners to attend. Now we are packing to move and the desire not to pack has pushed me back to blogging.

(Last day in Tahoe) Got up early this morning and caught my first sunrise in Tahoe. It wasn’t really my intention to get up early enough to see a sunrise, but I passed out shortly after winner dinner last night and couldn’t get back to sleep. I made the best of it though, and had a good morning enjoying the local flavors, listening to music, and watching the sun come up over the mountains.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, winner dinner is the victory celebration where you take your friends out for a good dinner after a score. Last night was special because it was a double winner dinner! We were celebrating my win from earlier in the series and our friend Dan’s nice score in the main event. Many of our friends from the circuit came out and we emptied the sushi bar of our favorite sake. We might have had one too many though as we missed the gratuity included line on the tab and tipped an additional 30% on top of the included 18% for our party of 15! Happy holidays Sushi Pier!

Tahoe has to be one of my favorite stops of the year so far. It certainly helped to have a good run at the tables, but it would have been a great stop regardless of the outcome. It’s a beautiful place and I tried to spend time every morning sitting in front of our window taking it in. What made Tahoe great wasn’t just the wonderful views though, it was the people we got to enjoy it with.

Some friends from Dallas flew in for a well timed vacation and we got to take them out to an early winner dinner at a great local spot. We had sushi one night with our friend Sam, then we went to a bar for karaoke with the wsopc staff. You have no idea how many rock stars there are on the wsopc crew! I highly recommend you join them if you ever get the opportunity. Our friend Andrew also came in town to sweat my main event ft and party with the circuit family.

We were able to get out and see everyone because we took a few days off towards the end of the trip. We did miss a couple events but got some much needed rest before the main and I was able to use that extra energy to make a deep run. This strategy of taking days off before the main was something I’m glad we did and will continue to do. Trying to play the whole condensed 12 day schedule just leaves me exhausted by the main and I feel like my results have suffered in the previous stops when I try to grind straight through.

It’s time to get back to packing now. La just booked some weekend action for the NAPT in OK this weekend, so that will be the next stop on our live poker tour. Hope to see everyone up there and thanks to all who partied with us in Tahoe.