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La and I took a trip up to Choctaw last weekend to try out the new NACPT. After briefly studying the schedule it was clear we would only be playing the weekend two day events and the main. La had her eye on the LIPS event, unfortunately it drew a low 3 table turnout and she unregistered to play the noon instead. We weren’t sure the turnouts for the NACPT would be that strong, but we enjoy the Choctaw poker room and our friends from PTC were running the tourneys so we knew those would go smoothly.

We played some cash sessions during our short stay as well. There were some good spots, but not the sort of action you would expect from a casino in the middle of a two week series. The room died down early on Friday evening and late night felt like a ghost town compared to the WSOPC series in January. I know there are many tourney choices available this time of year, and some people are home for the holidays, but the NACPT is missing the target with their current schedule.

The 9 to 5 market they are trying to appeal to with one day tournaments isn’t available at noon and poker enthusiasts won’t travel for these small turbos. They need to add more value to the weekday events to attract the commuter poker population from DFW and surrounding areas on both sides of the Red River. If they raised their buy ins and moved to two day structures for weekday prelims they could pull from a larger player pool who could now justify the trip expenses. As things stand now though, La and I will be enjoying the week off and heading back this Weekend for the main.