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I’ve decided that my off hours during a trip could perhaps be spent more productively than marathoning a season of “Sons of Anarchy” on Netflix. So in the interest of productivity, or at least freeing up more time to play video games when I get home, I’m going to try and break my blog down into smaller weekly(ish) trip reports. Writing is a very slow process for me, and quiet down time during a busy trip can be sporadic, but hopefully this will produce a more consistent blog for your reading pleasure.

Our current adventure, already in progress, finds us on the riverboats of Tunica Mississippi playing the WSOPC at Harrahs. Tunica is an established gambling destination for the region and has been a mecca for southern poker players for many years. The rooms are cheap and the action is good, but don’t expect to come here and do much other than gamble. If you do need a break from the casino, and the limited local menu, your best bet is a 40 minute drive to Memphis for some BBQ.

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to make the drive, your in-casino dinning options are Fuddruckers, Quiznos, Duncan Donuts, Paula Deen’s restaurant, an upstairs bar, and the ’37 steakhouse. Degen status will get you access to the diamond lounge and it’s paltry buffet of snacks, but La won’t share a bed with my lactose intolerant self after I eat cheese and crackers. We usually drive to this stop though and a trip to the store before we arrive helps broaden our menu options somewhat.

I am enjoying some of those smuggled snacks today, as I spend a day off in the room. The action is good, and I don’t like to take a day off so early, but I have been struck by the usual Tunica sniffles. I am used to the smoke in casinos, but this stop is worse than most as they allow smoking almost everywhere.

When they still have ash trays next to the TP dispensers in the toilets you know the casino ventilation system was built to a bygone standard. The tournament lobby area is especially bad in this department, every 2 hours the smokers hot box the lobby and the cloud tends to linger. La and I walked through at 11pm on a weekend, after the majority of players had left, and the cloud was still lingering with an exit door propped open to air the room out. It’s not a deal breaker for us, but if you have asthma this might not be the stop for you.

Even with its limitations, Tunica is still a stop we very much enjoy. The opening weekend turnout for the WSOPC was fantastic and the poker room had to set up extra tables to accommodate the cash game demand. No early tournament results for us on this trip, but Tunica has always been heaven for PLO players, a game near and dear to me.

They have spread 2/5 PLO with an optional Mississippi 10 on the button everyday and a 5/10/ whatever-you-want on the button was also going regularly on the weekend. I chose to skip the Sunday nooner in favor of some juicy Super Bowl PLO action and was very happy with the decision. It’s time for me to get back to the grind, thanks for tuning in. If you are in the neighborhood, swing on by, and join us for a lil down south gamble gamble.