I took a different approach towards kick starting my fitness goals in January. I didn’t join a gym or start a new exercise routine, instead I picked up a part time job working construction. Coming from a late night poker schedule this took some significant lifestyle adjustments, but that’s exactly what I was looking for. I ended up walking down this path while following a thought about changing the way I value time.  A thought that came along while I was lending my friends and family an extra set of hands.

I’m at my happiest when I am helping people.  I’m the guy that shows up on moving day. When I feel aimless, there is nothing better than helping others reach their goals.  Sometimes I won’t have much experience, but the value of having me around is worth the time it takes to train me.

My construction job was helping a couple of friends renovate a rental property.  They paid me a wage equal to (really above) my skill level.  If I was evaluating the job purely from a financial perspective I wouldn’t have been able to justify it. When I added in the construction skills, the full body workout, the demo hammer therapy sessions, and the lessons I could learn about flipping houses and rental properties, I decided the job had enough value to invest the time.

It was rewarding on many levels to help my friends build something, if only for a couple weeks.  I’ve been going through some major transitions to start the new year and this job gave me purpose and support in a difficult time. I’m grateful for the opportunity and my friends’ kindness and generosity.

I’m looking for jobs that mean more to me than a paycheck.  Jobs that have a positive impact on the people I’m working with, the customers I’m providing a service to, and myself. The idea of making a living while nourishing people appeals to me.   In my second new job I’m accomplishing this goal in a different way.

I use a couple self massaging products daily and they have had a tremendous positive impact in my life. I love to tell my friends and family about them and I have sold a decent number for online retailers through my referrals. So I’ve actually been working my second job for a couple years now, I just haven’t been getting paid.   I decided it was time to remedy that situation.

Getting started I’m selling out of the trunk of my car and on ebay.   I’ve really enjoyed pitching these products to my friends and family and hope to turn my passion for these tools into a supplemental income stream. I’m going to do a separate post for each of them, but I put some shameless self promotional links for those who know what they are and would like to support me at the bottom of this post 😀 (Note to local friends and family: I’m learning the ins and outs of shipping and I can sell these products to you cheaper and still make more profit if I do it in person.)

These are the first two new jobs I’ve worked this year, but I’m looking for more. I’m interested in learning about yoga, meditation, massage, nutrition, nature, and counseling. I’m open to any opportunity that nourishes people and all suggestions are welcome. I’m also open to travel, so if you need help with a job and have a couch for me to crash on, I might have an extra set of hands for you.

Shameless promotional links:

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